Blue Campaign in Miami

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I went to the Kendall Police Station (117th Ave. & Sunset–across from Sunset Feed) on Friday afternoon to find that the lobby walls are covered with information on human trafficking.

Glad to see Miami Dade Police Department is spreading awareness about human trafficking. Now if we can just work on the front desk officer’s lack of customer service….


Image Blog: Human Trafficking

I had never heard of human trafficking until the  2008  release of the movie Taken starring Liam Nelson.  The movie is about the kidnapping of a young girl in Paris.  Her retired CIA agent father (Nelson)  goes to extraordinary lengths to recover his daughter from an Albanian gang of human traffickers.  At 22 years old this movie scared me to death!  Human trafficking can’t be real, can it?  I was much like the girl in this film– living on my own and exploring the world around me more recklessly than cautiously.  How many times have I shared too much information about myself to a stranger in bar or club?   How many times have I trusted people I barely knew?  This movie sparked my curiosity and led me to research human trafficking.  Yet, most importantly it led me to be much more careful!

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Film Review: Elysium


Movie poster. Courtesy of Google Images.

Elysium is a futuristic, scientific thriller that was released in the summer of 2013 and stars Matt Damon and Jodi Foster.

In 2154 only two social classes exist: the extremely poor and the extremely wealthy.  The poor live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth policed and governed by rigid robots.  Meanwhile, the rich and powerful live on a lavish space habitat called Elysium.   As Earth is slowing dying Elysium is thriving. Elysium is full of lush greenery, beautiful mansions, state of the art technology, and the best government services. The citizens are all privileged, polished and well-educated.  Their wealth and citizenship on Elysium allows them to own Med-Bays that cure any illness or injury known to man.

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