Blog Assignment #3 (Part 2 of 2)

Select any major government agency & explain how SWOT analysis of it would usefully contribute to its strategic planning process.  

Cedarville County Jail


(1)  Mission Statement:  It is the mission of Cedarville County jail in partnership with the community to provide a safe, secure and constitutional detention center that is respectful, professional, and fiscally responsible  while providing rehabilitation services for inmates.

(2)  Statement of Goals: 

  • Recruit skilled financial director/management.
  • Provide safety training to current employees along with team building opportunities to improve morale.
  • Establish services and programs that assist employees in handling work/life stress, alcohol/drug abuse, & other related issues with counseling and chaplin services for all (including inmates).
  • Development inmate work programs.  Train inmate in specialized skills that will also benefit the operation of the jail including laundry, garden, and janitorial services.
  • Re-evaluate management positions, responsibilities, and duties.  Determine if new management positions are needed.
  • In order to maintain state budget income, must establish a strong management structure within the juvenile facility.
  • Focus on rehab mission:  education, work placement, half-way houses, and assistance in re-entry into society

(3)  Key Objectives

  • Hire financial management within first three (3) months.
  • Establish a strong management team within first six (6) months.
  • Begin implementation of work programs and counseling services after six (6) months.
  • Training and employee morale programs being immediately and through the first year.
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S- Fresh, skilled leadership in the form of CEO, HR, and Administrative.  Two year honey moon period and willingness of the county for additional revenue.

W- Lacking skilled employees, training, morale, and services.  Fiscal management and strong general management needed!

O-Training opportunities. recruitment opportunities.  Personnel growth opportunities and chance to partner with other social services agencies.

T- Losing state funds, privatization.


Why are classical organization theory and scientific management still relevant today?  Be prepared to offer an example of at least one organizational setting where these models are being used.

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